Press Releases

PJI Protects Small-Town Church From Dangers of Adult Business Next Door

10 Aug, 2020

Salem, OR—Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) helped enact a local ordinance that prohibits adult entertainment businesses from locating near places where children congregate.    Non-profit legal organization, PJI acted on behalf of Gateway Family Fellowship, a Church of the Nazarene, which … Read More

Court: City Can Exclude Churches While Favoring Theaters and Entertainment

16 Jun, 2020

Salinas, CA – A federal court in the San Francisco Bay Area has determined that churches do not contribute to a vibrant and fun atmosphere and therefore may be excluded from Salinas’ downtown area.   A church’s building use was … Read More

PJI Challenges Unequal Treatment of Washington State Churches

5 Jun, 2020

Benton County, WA – Two churches in Washington State, one in Benton County and the other in King County, filed a lawsuit today in Benton County Superior Court to challenge the unequal treatment of churches by Gov. Jay Inslee and state … Read More

Church Sues for Equal Treatment with Graduation Ceremonies

29 May, 2020

Oakland, CA – A church in the San Francisco Bay Area filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court challenging the unequal treatment of churches by Alameda County public health officials. Christian Cathedral in Oakland, California, brought the legal challenge after … Read More

Portland Settles Federal Free Speech Case With Evangelist

28 May, 2020

PORTLAND, OR – The Pacific Justice Institute has successfully negotiated a settlement of street evangelist Mark Mayberry’s federal lawsuit against the City of Portland. The Portland City Council approved the $50,000 settlement on Wednesday in a meeting held via video conferencing … Read More

PJI GOES COAST TO COAST: New Office Defending Churches and Believers in NY and NJ

27 May, 2020

White Plains, NY– With many churches on the East Coast flooding Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) for counsel and possible defense, PJI is pleased to announce the opening of its first office on the East Coast.     New office, based … Read More

PJI sues Governor Newsom, challenges unconstitutional treatment of churches

21 May, 2020

Sacramento, CA — Today, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) filed a federal lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom on behalf of two churches in Calaveras County that desire to receive equal treatment, as other institutions such as schools are permitted by the … Read More

Oregon Supreme Court Grants Emergency Stay After State Judge Declares Governor’s Pandemic Orders Null and Void

19 May, 2020

Salem, OR – Attorneys for Oregon Governor Kate Brown filed for an emergency stay with the Oregon Supreme Court after Judge Matthew Shirtcliff issued a temporary restraining order, finding the pandemic executive orders null and void.   The State’s highest court … Read More

Oregon Judge Declares Pandemic Orders Null and Void

18 May, 2020

With legal aid from PJI’s pro bono church attorneys, Governor Brown’s extreme order case was filed by numerous churches and people of faith. Learn more.   Salem, OR — An Oregon judge ruled today that Gov. Kate Brown’s pandemic-related executive orders … Read More

PJI Takes Stand for Oregon Churches, Sues Governor Brown

8 May, 2020

UPDATE: On May 14,2020, PJI Oregon Staff Attorney Ray Hacke argued his case in court and the judge is currently deliberating which we expect an answer within a day or two!   PJI, a nonprofit legal organization, recently filed a … Read More