Press Releases

PJI Goes to Bat For Female Athletes in Idaho

24 Feb, 2020

Boise, ID—The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is stepping up to the plate in Idaho to help ensure fairness for girls there who compete in interscholastic sports.  Ray Hacke, one of PJI’s Pacific Northwest-based staff attorneys, testified before the Idaho House … Read More

City Does Not Learn Its Lesson: “Unnecessary Noise” Charge Dismissed Again

11 Feb, 2020

Kennewick, WA—A Benton County District Judge has dismissed, for the second time, a criminal charge against a public evangelist who regularly preaches outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic. The judge held that the City of Kennewick’s noise ordinance unconstitutionally restrains … Read More

PJI Seeks to School Clackamas County in Religious Land Use Case

8 Jan, 2020

Salem, OR—The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) hopes to educate Clackamas County on religious freedom via a lawsuit filed to enforce a church’s protected right to let a small Christian school operate on its real property. On December 31, PJI filed … Read More

Prosecution Doubles Down, Won’t Accept Dismissal of Charges Against Pastor in Drag Queen Case

6 Jan, 2020

Spokane, WA—A high-profile prosecution of a pastor over Drag Queen Story Hour has taken another twist. In early December, the Honorable Judge Staab dismissed all criminal charges against Pastor Afshin Yaghtin. But two days before Christmas, the pastor and his attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) received an unwanted gift: prosecutors asked … Read More

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Pastor Involving Drag Queen Story Hour

5 Dec, 2019

Spokane, WA—Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) just received the order from the Spokane Municipal Court judge dismissing criminal charges against Pastor Afshin Yaghtin. As previously reported, Pastor Yaghtin went to a public library in Spokane the weekend of Father’s Day to … Read More

Grinch: School Says Student Performance of “Joy to the World” Not Acceptable, Then Backtracks

4 Dec, 2019

Sacramento, CA—A school in Northern California has reversed course after initially declaring “Joy to the World” unacceptable for a student piano performance. The Benzel family reached out to Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) after their 13-year-old daughter Brooklyn’s musical choice was … Read More

Judge Rejects California’s Attempt to Shut Down Christian Boarding School

20 Nov, 2019

Redding, CA—A Christian boarding school in Northern California won a reprieve in court Monday against the State of California’s ideologically-driven efforts to shut it down. The dispute centers on the State’s unilaterally re-labeling of the school as a “community care … Read More

PJI Thwarts Portland’s Efforts to Stifle Evangelism in a Public Park

14 Nov, 2019

Portland, OR—The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) filed a lawsuit against the City of Portland for infringing on a Christian evangelist’s religious rights. While standing in Portland’s Waterfront Park, Mark Mayberry held a sign defending the unborn, passed out related tracts, … Read More

New York Moves to Force Its Values on Religious Schools

12 Sep, 2019

    Albany, NY—Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is battling proposed regulations by the New York Department of Education that would have a devastating effect on religious education in the state. PJI represents Parents Union for Religious Integrity of Torah Education … Read More

Voodoo Priest Sues Bible School, Claiming Discrimination

23 Aug, 2019

Saipan, CNMI—Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is representing a Bible school in the South Pacific against bizarre claims by a practitioner of witchcraft. Zaji Zajradhara applied for a job in the business office of Eucon International University, a Christian Bible school located … Read More