(English) After her kindergarten daughter was exposed to transgender ideology by a Rocklin Academy teacher, this parent spoke out. PJI stepped in to defend parental rights and to take on the school administration.

(English) Eric Thompson was wrongly fired from his position as sociology professor at Moreno Valley College for challenging his students to think critically. Eric contacted PJI, and we won back his job.

(English) Pacific Justice Institute was successful in helping this church to stay in their building.

(English) Michael Leal is excited about the gospel. His high school, however, is not. After being suspended for sharing his faith not once, but three times, Pacific Justice Institute steps in to help him.

(English) This vet’s job gets threatened when he signs his emails with «God bless America.» PJI comes to his defense and protects his job.

(English) Adelmo tells the story of how he was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace simply because he proclaimed his faith in a public place. PJI comes to his defense and convinces prosecutors to drop the charges.

(English) You might expect to get kicked out of a mall for disruptive behavior, but what about talking with willing listeners about God? It happened to a man in Visalia, California, and Pacific Justice Institute is stepping in to defend him.

(English) Alpha Pregnancy Center was denied space in an office building that would have placed them across the hallway from Planned Parenthood. Pacific Justice Institute has stepped in to defend the clinic.

(English) A Colorado high school has allowed a biological boy to use the girls’ bathroom. Pacific Justice Institute stepped in to protect the privacy of these young girls. This video highlights some of the victims of this school’s reprehensible actions.

(English) Pacific Justice Institute helps this kindergartener defend his religious rights to sing a Christian song at his public elementary school.

(English) Mercy Way Rescue ministers to the rural poor in the mountain community of Placerville, California. The city’s planning commission recently denied their conditional use permit application. Pacific Justice Institute has stepped in to fight to keep it open.