11/19 Zoom Call on New COVID-19 Curfews, Restrictions and Alleged Election Fraud

During this Zoom call on Thursday, November 19, 2020, Brad Dacus, Kevin Snider, and Pastor Peter Mordh answers your questions on the new COVID-19 restrictions, shutdowns, and curfews as California goes into “purple” tier, the unequal treatment of churches under the law, the pastors being criminally prosecuted for preaching the gospel at their churches in spite of the counties and state ordering churches to be closed, our fight at PJI to protect the sanctity of human life from hospitals that want to pull the plug on patients without family or parental or patient approval, our Church Finds Its Voice program and how effective it has been to get Churches to vote, our current push in Georgia to impact the Georgia Senate election, and the current state of election fraud in the national election against President Donald Trump.


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