2015 PJI Highlights

What a year it has been at PJI!  Some of the most important cases we’ve been involved in this year have included:

  • Winning a federal case in Seattle on behalf of a high school student who had been suspended and threatened with expulsion for sharing his faith.
  • Filing a federal lawsuit to stop AB 775, the notorious attempt to compel pro-life pregnancy clinics to promote abortion.
  • Defeating two attempts to dismiss our case on behalf of another pro-life pregnancy clinic whose landlord broke a lease in order to protect Planned Parenthood from competition.
  • Obtaining a favorable settlement of our federal lawsuit on behalf of a middle school student who had been chastised for inviting a fellow student to a Christian event.
  • Filing two first-of-their-kind lawsuits against school districts who are not complying with state law requiring them to notify parents of their options to decline Common Core testing.
  • Forcing two other school districts to reverse course after they initially threatened retaliation against students whose parents had exercised their testing opt-out rights.
  • Successfully defending a church which had been sued by a disgruntled attendee  who disagreed with the pastor’s preaching.  

There are countless other clients we’ve been able to help this year, and many of these cases are ongoing.  


(Limited offer through the end of January 2016.)