Press Releases

Students File Federal Lawsuit After College Threatens Expulsion for Prayer

7 Oct, 2008

Alameda, CA – Two students at publicly-funded College of Alameda filed a federal lawsuit Monday after school officials threatened to expel them for praying. Last December, student Kandy Kyriacou visited an instructor to give her a Christmas gift. Kandy found the … Read More

Newlyweds File Suit Seeking Recognition as “Bride” and “Groom,” Not “Party A” and “Party B”

2 Oct, 2008

Roseville, CA – What’s in a name? A lot, according to the California Supreme Court, which recently decided that marriage must be made available to gay couples, and “civil unions” were inadequate. Now, a Northern California couple is going to court … Read More

SoCal City Evicts Tiny Church, Claiming 4 People Need 18 Parking Spaces

22 Sep, 2008

Lemon Grove, CA – A Planning Commission meeting tonight could decide the fate of a tiny church in Lemon Grove. The city, near San Diego, discovered Bethel Apostolic Church during a Code Enforcement crackdown. Claiming the area is not zoned for … Read More

PJI President Files Complaint Against PG&E Over Funding of Prop 8

15 Sep, 2008

San Francisco, CA – Brad Dacus filed an administrative complaint with the California Public Utilities Commission over the $250,000 contribution by PG&E to oppose traditional marriage. The quarter million dollar donation went to the war chest of the No on Proposition … Read More

Fred Barnes of Fox News to Keynote PJI Gala!

12 Sep, 2008

Sacramento, CA – Commentator Fred Barnes of Fox News “Beltway Boys” TV show will be the keynote speaker at Pacific Justice Institute’s 5th Annual Celebration of Justice Gala. In addition to discussing current challenges to the traditional American family, Fred Barnes … Read More

‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ Deemed Unacceptable by California Bureaucrats

8 Sep, 2008

Roseville, CA – Those seeking to wed as “bride” and “groom” in California will now have to marry outside the state. Pastor Doug Bird found that out after he officiated his first wedding ceremony since the decision by the California Supreme … Read More

Court Rejects Attempt to Keep Out Bible Club at High School

2 Sep, 2008

Anaheim, CA – A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District for its denial of equal access to a Christian club on one of its high school campuses. The Court found that Esperanza High School allowed … Read More

Support Marriage? Drop PG&E

27 Aug, 2008

Sacramento, CA – After San Francisco based PG&E recently decided to donate $250,000 to oppose Proposition 8, thousands of their pro-marriage customers have expressed their outrage. However, while many feel compelled to sign petitions of protest, legal researchers of Pacific Justice … Read More

Cal. Supreme Court Rejects Doctors’ Rights of Conscience

18 Aug, 2008

Sacramento, CA – In a major decision likely to re-draw the battle lines of the gay rights movement, the California Supreme Court today ruled against two doctors who declined to artificially inseminate a lesbian. The doctors, who are Christians, strongly believe … Read More

PJI Puts Local Authorities on Notice of Homeschool Ruling

13 Aug, 2008

Sacramento, CA – In the wake of last week’s landmark ruling by the California Court of Appeal upholding parents’ rights to educate their children at home, Pacific Justice Institute is taking steps to ensure local authorities are aware of the decision … Read More