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Faith in the Workplace: Why don’t more Christians use their businesses to share their faith? The answer: Fear resulting from the uncertainties of the legal ramifications. This video breaks through that fear by enlightening CEOs and managers of the numerous legal opportunities they have to legally live and share their faith to their employees, customers and communities in ways they have never imagined before. Fill out the form below to access your free copy of Faith in the Workplace Video Series: Part One – CEO’s who’s actions to live their faith will inspire you; and Part Two – Specific empowering suggestions on how you can live your faith through your business. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and bring faith to your workplace.

Union Dues Objectors: Those having a religious-based objection to paying union dues to their union, are generally protected by federal law to have their union dues redirected to a charity. PJI provides free representation for those having such objections. You can learn more by visiting:

Christmas Q & A – During the Christmas season, PJI is regularly asked for advice and representation to allow the public acknowledgment of Christmas. We’ve advised city councils about putting up nativity scenes, parents about school holiday programs, and employees about the legality of office decorations, to name just a few examples. We’ve also been involved in cases that have established precedent in this area. Drawing from these many experiences, I am thrilled to announce our newest legal resource: the Christmas Q&A! Our free Q&A will equip you with a deeper understanding of the rights that you have in a public forum, the workplace, and the classroom to celebrate Christmas this season.